Beer Buddy for BBM

Thirsty? Badly need a pint of beer?

No one likes to drink alone, so quench your thirst in the company of your beer buddies. Give them no excuse to bail.

Notify your buddies of the pub you’re at. The Beer Buddy application enables you to mark the GPS location of the pub with one click and invite your BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™), Facebook®, Twitter®, SMS and E-mail buddies to join you.

Send your drinking buddies an express invitation with the pub’s address, meeting time, GPScoordinates and link to BlackBerry® Maps (Google® Maps link for Facebook® wall posts and Twitter® tweets). Choose among 21 invitations ranging from general invites to more specific ones (birthday, celebration, etc.) or personalize the invite yourself.

  • Some examples of invites:
    Work was hell. I need to get it off my chest. Meet me for a drink at …
    - Gossip Girl is in town. Don’t miss the latest dish. Meet me at…
    - Damn! My car is broken. I’ll buy you a drink if you pick me up at…
    - You feeling lucky? I’ll buy you a drink at…
    - I just realised I lost my wallet with all my drinking money. I’ll be accepting donations at…
    - It’s my birthday, drinks are on me. I’ll be accepting gifts at our favourite pub…


Make sure you have installed BBM™ 6 (BlackBerry® Messenger v6.0 or higher).

The recipient doesn’t require Beer Buddy to receive your invitation and can RSVP via BlackBerry® Messenger (v5 or higher).

If GPS doesn’t lock your position, make sure you’re in an open space and try again by pressing on the ‘Where am I’ button.

If you can’t find the Beer Buddy for BBM™ icon on your home screen, follow these steps:
1. Launch the BlackBerry App World application.
2. Login into My World.
3. While pressing and holding the ALT key, type RST. BlackBerry App World will close automatically and the smartphone may become unresponsive for a few moments while the cache data is being cleared.
4. Relaunch the BlackBerry App World application.
5. Login into My World.
6. Reinstall Beer Buddy for BBM™ from the ‘Uninstalled’ tab.

If you are using GPS for the first time or you haven’t used it in a while, the smartphone will take some time to get a lock on its location. If it receives a timeout, restart the application and get the lock on the location again. Next time, the locking will be quicker and more accurate.


If you discover an issue with the app, please let us know and give us a chance to help you, before you rate the app poorly. You cannot change the rating you give an app in App World, once you’ve given it. Send us an e-mail to We will respond as soon as possible.


We developed Beer Buddy for BBM in September 2011 for the BlackBerry® Developer Challenge – Most Addictive Social App Using the BBM Social Platform. Unfortunately, we didn’t win any prizes but were delighted to see how well Beer Buddy was received by BlackBerry smartphone users. It most certainly is addictive.

Beer Buddy for BBM was chosen by Mobiroo to be included on the world’s first ever app gift cards with placements in most major retailers across the world.


Beer Buddy for BBM in BlackBerry App World


You can now earn a FREE Noise Meter and a FREE Beer Buddy for BBM! Read all about it!



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