Shake 2 Lock and Unlock

Lock your screen with a shake.

Shake 2 Unlock is an application for locking and unlocking your screen and keyboard while using your phone or when your phone is idle. With this application you can avoid unintentional pressing of keys and activation of the screen, and prolong the life of your battery.

In comparison with standard locking applications, Shake 2 Unlock has a number of advantages:
* The screen can’t be accidentally activated which prolongs the battery life.
* The app is easy to use because the user doesn’t need to look at the screen to lock or unlock the device.
* The device can be easily locked during a call to prevent unwanted touches on the screen.
* When the shaking actually locks the screen, the device briefly vibrates so you know it’s locked without looking at it.
* Additional ‘Lock’ icon is provided to lock your device in an old-fashioned way.
* Use SHIFT + SPACE keys to unlock your device.
* Use LOCK key to lock your device.

Read more about Shake 2 Lock and Unlock for BlackBerry smartphones!

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BlackBerry® 10 Dev Alpha device

Two days ago we went to Milan, Italy, to attend the first event of the BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour where we got a hold of our own BlackBerry® 10 Dev Alpha device.

This is a prototype device created for the purpose of testing BlackBerry 10 applications during development. It’s been created just for BlackBerry developer partners to help them prepare for the launch of BlackBerry 10.

We are very excited to start developing our enterprise app on this device.

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Purchase of Beer Buddy for BBM™ by model

Results are official now: Torch 9800 is the most used drinking buddy invitation device.

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OS 7: Leading OS for Noise Meter

Almost 3/4 of all Noise Meter purchases have been made by BlackBerry OS 6 and OS 7 smartphones.

While the number of OS 7.1 devices slowly increases, BB OS 5 smartphones are still taking 17% of the market share. That’s still enough not to be left out.

Pronic just launched Sound Meter for BlackBerry PlayBook and soon we will be able to compare purchases between smartphones and the tablet.


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Sales of the Card Mind Reader app by countries

More than half (52%) of sales of our Card Mind Reader app has been made by our customers in the UK. The US with 14% and Canada with 7% follow, while the Netherlands is the second EU country to stand out also with 7%.

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Monthly increase of income in BlackBerry App World

When our first paid app called SVIT (ebook reader for PlayBook) was launched, it immediately reached 2nd place among the TOP 25. A few days later, the sales slow started to drop. We tried to compensate this with a new paid app called Beer Buddy for BBM and we managed to avoid a steep fall. Fortunately, Santa filled our stocking with customers and from then on the sales started to increase. December and February were full of highs and lows. Currently, April looks prominent. We were also encouraged to develop three additional paid applications and more are coming.


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Purchases of Pronic’s apps for BlackBerry smartphones and PlayBook

Purchases of all Pronic’s apps for BlackBerry smartphones and BlackBerry PlayBook:

Purchases of all Pronic’s apps for BlackBerry smartphones by models:


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